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The Big Chill

Posted by CaL on 15 June, 2012 at 4:55

White China is pleased to announce the release of their forthcoming limited edition vinyl EP The Big Chill and Other Lost Gems. The EP contains a recent recording of The Big Chill and a number of early demos recorded in 1981.

There is a total limit of 250 being released inpurple vinyl at the end of June with over 60 reserved already. It’s been over 25years since any other release from the band and the majority of the tracks look toward the very early recordings of the band which have not been heard by the general public until now.

The Big Chill costs £50.00 plus P&P.

If you wish to receive a copy, please note your interest on the site forums.



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Reply Jamie M
13:52 on 15 June, 2012 
£50 is a bit excessive.I don't do vinyl any more.Any plans for a CD?
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